Books for children...

Calming your mind, body and feelings (Calm4kidz)

  • Mindful kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities for Calm, Focus + Peace (2017) Witney Stewart 

  • Kid's guide to staying awesome and in control (2014) Lauren Brukner

All about anxiety + managing worries

  • Hey Warrior (2016) Karen Young

  • No Worries: an activity book for young people who feel anxious or stressed (2017)Katie Abey

  • What to do when you worry too much: A guide to overcoming anxiety  (2005) Dawn Huebner

  • Silly Billy ( 2007 ) Anthony Browne

  • Schmidt Junior Schnullli Worry eater Soft Toy (Amazon)

Growth mindset

  • Beautiful Oops (2010) Barney Saltzberg

About feelings (emotions)

  • It's all about me and my emotions (2017) Shelley Zantkeren

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