Child focused therapy:

Children often feel more comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their difficulties through play and art.  Creative therapies are really effective for children who struggle to put their feelings into words.  I work integratively (combining different approaches) so we can creatively, flexibly and dynamically meet the unique needs of each child. and achieve successful outcomes.

Talking therapy for children/young people:

Some children prefer to talk about their worries and difficulties. Within the confidential and supportive therapy space, children are free to talk about, explore and be with their thoughts and how they feel.  These sessions are led by the child who will talk about what feels important to them. 


Structured therapy:

  • anxiety management (informed by psychoeducation, CBT techniques, mindfulness, body calming  strategies)

  • Therapy informed by Dialectical Behavioural Techniques (particularly useful with children who feel stuck (negative thoughts) or unable to manage thoughts or impulses to harm themselves


Attachment therapy:

  • Theraplay

  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

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